Björn Lanz Roland Willi Urs Zenger Jürg Schild Kaspar Leuthold Barbara Zumbrunn


In the year 2001 in the small village Meiringen in the rustic valley of Hasli, the gentlemen Jürg Schild at the bass, Alex Anderegg at the guitar, Roli Willi also at the guitar and Hanspi Gyger at the drums met to share their love to music and play it back together.
After one year of jamming around without plans or visions, the gentlemen found a suitable singer called Björn Lanz. To integrate the young man to the group, they began to cover some already popular songs. But the cover songs didn’t really rock.


After three years of covering songs, Hanspi Gyger decided to consecrate his free time to soccer. But in that year, the year 2005, the curiosity should happen. The band met the drummer Kaspar Leuthold, who handles his drumsticks like a God and commands his drum like he created it.
The cover songs became more legendary and had a unique touch from Jack Russel and the Pitbulls. The room began to quake because of the hot beats and riffs of the band. The alterable voice from singer Björn Lanz and the playfulness to change original songs suitable for Jack Russel and the Pitbulls, that’s what the band stands for. They decided to still play cover songs and they compiled a set list that begins in the 60s and ends today.


Fife years pass by and some Gigs were already done, when Alex had to leave the band because of health reasons. But they didn’t quit and took Urs Zenger on board.
Urs is not an unknown man. He already played in earlier bands together with Björn. It didn’t take a long time and he was well-rehearsed. Because sometimes the chorus wasn’t enough distinctive, the band thought of engaging a background singer. But finding a suitable voice to the one of Björn wasn’t that easy.


Jack Russel and the Pitbulls never lost hope and in 2012 they found a suitable voice in Barbara Zumbrunn (the average age really lowered). Due to Barbara the chorus is stronger and more elegant as never before and for ages Jack Russel and the Pitbulls are an unbreakable team with a heart for Rock N Roll.